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Providing large and small animal chiropractic services in the Ottawa Area. 








Each appointment consists of a whole body assessment of movement, muscle tone and range of motion. The adjustment may include spinal and/or extremity manipulation and mobilization, and myofascial work depending on the needs of your horse. Dr. Tracey will also provide information on how to keep your horses spine healthy and strong. 




The canine appointment is similar to the equine assessments in that they consists of a whole body evaluation of movement, muscle tone and range of motion. Treatment may consist of manipulation and/or mobilization of the spine and extremities, or soft tissue work, depending on the needs of your dog.



The feline appointment consists of a whole body evaluation of movement, muscle tone and range of motion. Treatment may consist of manipulation and/or mobilization of the spine and extremities, or soft tissue work, depending on the needs of your cat.


Equine Initial Examination and Treatment 

$100 + travel fee*
(includes HST)

Canine/Feline Initial Examination and Treatment

$95 + HST

*Travel fee

$35-$65 depending on location (split between numbers of horses at stable)

Equine Subsequent Treatment

$85 + travel fee*
(HST included)

Canine/Feline Subsequent Treatment

$51 + HST



Dr. Tracey was born and raised in the Ottawa Valley and is passionate about providing quality chiropractic care for your pets in the Ottawa area.


Dr. Tracey believes in an alternative health care approach to help alleviate pain and restore function. She will evaluate your animal based on their individual needs whether they are experiencing a spine, extremity or soft tissue injury. If she feels that chiropractic can help, she will typically recommend a trial of 2-3 visits to see how your animal will respond. She will give you exercises to do at home with your animal to keep their spine healthy and strong. She can also provide advice on how to prevent future injuries. 


Dr. Tracey received her Bachelors of Kinesiology Degree (Honours) with First-Class Standing from Brock University. She then attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. During her undergraduate and post graduate studies she spent any chance she could shadowing Dr. Alison Seely and decided that animal chiropractic was the right option for her. While at CMCC, Dr. Tracey attended the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre to obtain her Animal Chiropractic License, and is certified by the College of Animal Chiropractors. Upon graduation, she worked with Dr. Alison Seely for four years before taking over her practice in the Ottawa Area in 2018. 




Animal Chiropractic is a field of animal health care that focuses on the preservation and health of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. All animals have spines that are subject to stresses that cause the vertebra (spinal bones) to lose proper motion. If the movement and biomechanics of the vertebra become dysfunctional, they can interfere with the performance of the nerves. The basic premise of chiropractic care is to correct the vertebral motion to decrease pain and to maintain adequate nerve supply that is vital to the proper functioning of the entire body.


Chiropractic also has preventative importance since adjustments eliminate subclinical problems, as well as resolve clinical dysfunction or symptoms. Animal chiropractic is a good compliment to regular veterinary care.



Normal events such as birth or regular wear and tear of ageing can affect any animal. Misalignment can be invisible to the owner but their effects of decreased function, lameness and suboptimal health are real and recognizable. Any animal can benefit from a chiropractic consultation.


Horses are especially vulnerable due to

  •  unbalanced riding

  •  poorly fitting saddles

  •  falls or traumas

  • ​ repetitive exercise​

  •  improper warm up/cool down

Dogs can become injured by

  • pulling on their leash

  • accidents during play with another dog

  • repetitive jumping from the bed, car, or any raised surface

  • repetitive activities (excessive fetch, tug of war, etc.)


An animal can receive a chiropractic exam at any time. If there is an underlying health concern it is recommended that you speak with your veterinarian first to rule out other causes of pain or dysfunction. If your pet has an underlying health concern, Dr. Tracey can communicate with your veterinarian to ensure that the chiropractic treatment will be safe and effective for their condition. 

Clues that your dog or cat may require care include but are not limited to;

  • Inability or reluctance to jump or climb

  • Irritability - especially when touched in certain areas

  • Discomfort or yelping with certain movements

  • Limping or stiffness after exercise or after resting for awhile

  • Trouble with the stairs

  • Trouble getting into or out of the car

  • Reluctance to play like they used to

  • Hesitation to go for walks, slower on walks

  • Always sitting crooked on the same hip

  • Abnormal gait

  • Abnormal posture


Symptoms that your horse may present with are;

  • Lameness

  • Sensitivity when touching or grooming

  • Head shyness

  • Reluctant to accept a lead

  • Swapping leads

  • Difficulty bending or collecting 

  • Refusing, bucking or rearing

  • Girthiness

  • Short striding

  • "Roach back" appearance

  • Difficulty holding a leg for the farrier

  • Excessive tail swishing

  • Difficulty with collection



The spine involves specific motion units that can become restricted and have a lack of motion throughout an animals life - anything from a slip, fall or wrong turn can cause these vertebrae to become "stuck". Dr. Tracey will determine which vertebrae are involved by combining the findings of the case history, posture analysis, and static palpation.


Dr. Tracey performs the adjustment to restore motion to the vertebrae with her hands. It feels good to have the motion restored and most animals really enjoy being adjusted. Dr. Tracey is a gentle adjuster and won't use excessive force on your animals' spine. 



Large animal appointments in the Ottawa area can be made by contacting Dr. Tracey below or calling 613-371-2048 - Wednesdays and Thursdays 


Small animal (dog/cat) appointments can be made directly at the following locations;


Carp Road Animal Hospital 613-831-2965 - Tuesdays and Fridays

Rehab Fur Your Pet 613-722-8888 - Mondays 

**please note - Dr. Tracey cannot book you via email - please call the above clinics for an appointment**




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